New Release from a Favorite Author

00Sorry+to+crawl+out+from+under+my+rock+but+can+_a6471f6f0b0690f4fc41510ac8a6626aYou may have heard the name Craig A. Hart mentioned once or twice in the confines of this blog. If so, you’re about to hear it mentioned again. If you’ve never heard the name, go ahead and crawl out from under your rock. I’ll wait.

All out? Good. Let’s continue.

Not too long ago, Craig released the first book in the Shelby Alexander Thriller series, called Serenity. On April 4, 2018, he will release the fifth book in that series. It’s called Serenity Engulfed.

Here’s the official blurb to whet your appetite:

Familiar enemies resurface in this blazing new thriller that finds Shelby racing against time to save the most important person in his life: his own child.

When Shelby’s daughter, Leslie, fails to show up at his cabin for her long-planned visit to northern Michigan, he’s concerned, but makes excuses.

When her car is found abandoned by the side of a tree-lined highway, he fears the worst.

When her cellphone appears on his front porch, he knows something terrible has happened and that he is to blame.

Enlisting the help of the new county sheriff, Shelby launches a search for Leslie, all the while dealing with a prostitute in fear for her life, a sexy writer interested in writing his life story, and the long-banished ghosts of his own past.

Sounds pretty good in my opinion. You can actually pre-order Serenity Engulfed this very day if you so chose and you can do so from not one, or even two retailers, but from FOUR!! Here come the links:


00EnglufedAnd to make this news even sweeter, I am reporting that the introductory pre-order price is exactly 99 pennies. For those of you, (like me), who are mathematically challenged, I have it on very good authority that this is actually less than a dollar.

You would probably think the news couldn’t get any better, but YOU’D BE WRONG!!!

Because for the remainder of March 2018, books two, three, and four (entitled Serenity Stalked, Serenity Avenged, and Serenity Submerged) are available for the price of $2.99. The same sources that explained the 99 cents thing to me tell me this is actually more than a dollar but, and I’m quoting here: “Not really that much more.”

Finally, as if all this wasn’t enough, you can get the book that started it all, Serenity for no pennies at all. Free. Zip. Nada. I didn’t even consult my experts about this because even I know that zero is a really good price for just about anything, and even more so for edge-of-your-seat, heart-pumping, thrill-a-minute (and several other hyphenated descriptors) excitement. Just head to Craig’s Amazon Author Page for all the deals.

Just a couple of other things before I go. Craig has one of the best readers’ groups on all of Facebook, after mine of course. (Don’t dwell on the fact that he has approximately ten times as many followers as me… mine’s still better.) If you’d like to be a part of this community, get the breaking news on the Serenity series as well as his other series, the SpyCo Adventures, co-authored with the most handsome writer currently seated at my laptop, you can follow this link and, once there, click the “Join” button. After he thoroughly vetting process, (consisting of him seeing that you’ve expressed interest in joining the group and clicking “Approve,” you’ll be in.

I suppose in fairness to you I should probably include a link to my group’s page as well since it’s so vastly superior. Same process there. Click join, and I’ll let you.

Last bit of news: The Beauty of Bucharest, my new crime thriller, is still on track for a late April release. Stay tuned for more details.


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