Look At All These Links!

It’s not all about me…

It’s just mostly about me. But there are some other writers out there with whom I’ve become friends that I want you to check out. So first enjoy all of the splendor that is me, the bask in the glory that is my friends.

My Work

Other, Less Important People

After much humble consideration, I’ve decided to re-title this section:

Other, SLIGHTLY Less Important People

  • Craig A. Hart
    This guy’s the real deal. Craig is the author of several books, and is currently focusing on a series of action/thrillers featuring my new favorite character, Shelby Alexander. Oh, and did I mention he and I write books together? Our SpyCo novellas are great if you like action and great characters, packed into a quick read. Check him out IMMEDIATELY! His career also includes some of the best audiobook narration you are going to hear.
  • Jeffrey Goldstein
    Caught In The Undertow, a vastly important book, and one which help me turn a corner. Jeff was a teacher of mine in high school, and has been my friend for 40 years. Which is amazing since we’re both in our 30’s.
  • Erik Therme
    A friend who has written a string of outstanding books, all of which are insanely good. This guy has approximately 87 billion followers, and deserves every one of them.
  • M.L. Williams
    Another new friend (who has been replying to my comments on Facebook and vice-versa for quite some time.) He has published two exciting books in the science-fiction genre, Seers of Verde: The Legend Fulfilled, and Return of the Earthers, which can be found here as well as other here. His memoir is called Cornfield Chronicles, and it is a phenomenon which you can read about here and purchase here.
  • Tina Glasneck
    Tina is one of my writer friends and one of the most prolific authors I’ve ever come across. Now, writing a lot of books doesn’t necessarily translate into writing a lot of good books, but in Tina’s case it does. There’s too many to give you links to individual titles, so click on her name to check out her website.
  • David Berens
    This guy! Not only has he created one of the greatest characters I’ve ever encountered, (Troy Bodean), but he designed the cover for Serenity Reborn, the latest entry in Craig A. Hart’s SHELBY ALEXANDER series, which I had the pleasure of co-authoring.

This page will definitely be a work in progress as I meet more and more authors that I think are worth your time so check back often!