It’s Spring! Here’s What’s Happening In My Head

So it's been Spring since 6:29 AM yesterday, and boy has it been a big disappointment! The current temperature in Baldwinsville is 21°, and those are frosty Fahrenheit degrees we're talking about, not balmy Celsius! But that hasn't stopped me from thinking lots of big thoughts. Really big thoughts. Thoughts so big that they've actually … Continue reading It’s Spring! Here’s What’s Happening In My Head

Me vs. Others of My Ilk

I've made contact with a lot of writers thanks to the vast and magical interweb. The exact mechanics of these connections has to do with the acquisition of a plethora of free books from a fantastic site called Instafreebie, which allows for the downloading of said books for only the cost of my email address.

Friends: Entry #2

One of the things that sucks about having friends who are authors is that you have to read a lot. They're always writing books, these people, and apparently they do so expecting that other people (a category into which I fall), are going to read these books.