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Links to all of the published works of S.J. Varengo can be found below.

Jelly Jars

A girl in the one place she never wanted to be.

Meeting the one person she never expected.

But what Peggy Nieman doesn’t realize is that her life is about to change, as two broken souls fatefully collide. The only question is: will they heal one another … or destroy one another?

Because one thing is certain … they can’t quit one another.

Buy Jelly Jars if you’ve enjoyed books by Linda Seed, Barbara Freethy, Kay Correll, and Pat Conroy.

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Jelly Jars

Welcome Home – Short Fiction

Welcome Home is a collection of short fiction by American author S.J. Varengo. The work was written over a period of thirty years and deals with a wide range of themes. Set in many diverse locations and filled with a wide array of characters, Welcome Home will leave the reader with an equally wide range of emotions. Updated and expanded for the great year 2020, this book continues to be a fan favorite, especially as an introduction to the author’s work.

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Welcome Home: Short Fiction

A Dark Clock – Cerah of Quadar #1

A beautiful sixteen-year-old girl, wanting nothing more than to dance and flirt with the young suitors vying for her hand, is banished to a lonely mountainside by her father to tend a herd of animals so vile they must be kept far from populated areas, leaving her alone to sadly watch the lights of her city twinkle far below as night falls.

After a near-fatal attack puts her on death’s door she returns to the mountain, only to see everything she’s ever known vanish before her eyes, putting her on a journey of discovery and danger, pitting her against an evil which has been magically bound for a thousand years.

Will she find love, strength and the key to her future? Will she complete the transformation from petulant teen to Cerah of Quadar, savior of mankind, and The Chosen One of legend?

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A Dark Clock (Cerah of Quadar #1)

Many Hidden Rooms – Cerah of Quadar #2

Slurr Jacasta, general of the Army of Quadar is lost on the icy continent at the bottom of the world, alone… save for Yarren Slipwind, wizard of Melsa, who has vowed to find the general and return him to his wife, Cerah of Quadar, the Chosen One, who has led her army thousands of miles to the north in pursuit of an ancient evil, now set loose upon the Green Lands.

Will Slurr be found alive? Will Cerah fulfill her ancient purpose and destroy the demon, who his hell-bent on nothing less than the extermination of wizards and humans alike? In a world now filled with an evil army of monsters who seek not only to kill their enemies, but to devour them, Cerah must face them as well as her own fear and uncertainty, traveling between the realms of the living and the dead, with only the strength of her own spark and the promise of the creator God, Ma’uzzi, that she would never be forsaken. Can she believe the promise?

Many Hidden Rooms concludes the first segment of the Cerah of Quadar series, bringing the reader along as the forces of good travel the face of the planet, introducing new locations and new characters along the way to the final, climactic confrontation with the fifty-foot tall ebony demon.

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Many Hidden Rooms (Cerah of Quadar #2)

A Single Candle – Cerah of Quadar #3

A Single Candle, the third book in the Cerah of Quadar series, picks up the action where book two leaves off and brings the forces of good and evil face-to-face.

The two massive armies prepare for a climactic battle for the heart and soul of Quadar.

Can Cerah, the Chosen One, deliver defeat to the most fearsome enemy to ever threaten the Free People?

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A Single Candle (Cerah of Quadar #3)

The Beauty of Bucharest – Cleanup Crew #1

What would you do if you found a body in the trunk of your wife’s car?

This is the question facing Dan Porter as he stood in the parking lot and looked down at a man wrapped in clear plastic sheeting…a man with a tidy .38 bullet hole in his forehead. But finding the body is a mere curiosity compared with the twists and turns Dan’s life will take over the next few days.

International intrigue and edge-of-your-seat action abound as Dan and his lovely wife Nicole—who clearly has more than her share of dark secrets—risk their lives to rescue a stunning model and bring down one of the most evil men either of them have had the misfortune to meet.

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The Beauty of Bucharest (A Clean Up Crew Thriller #1)

The Count of Carolina – Cleanup Crew #2

Four months after returning from a mission in Bucharest, international assassin Nicole Porter is itching for a new assignment

But since revealing her secret life to her husband, Dan, Nicole has been plagued by nightmares of her past. In a twist of fate, the assignment she is offered will take her right back to her childhood home in South Carolina, where her past was a nightmare.

All bets are off when Dan and Nicole’s daughter is kidnapped, and Nicole quickly realizes her assignment and the abduction of her daughter are related.

As Nicole and Dan arrive in Greenville, she soon realizes that at the heart of everything she’s dealing with is none other than Conrad Barker, a man she has been hunting for over twenty years.

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The Count of Carolina (Clean Up Crew #2)

The Terror of Tijuana – Cleanup Crew #3

American women are dying.

And it appears the cleaner sent to take out the killer has also been eliminated.

The mission now falls to crack covert operative Nicole Porter. It’s a mission she does not want–but she answers the call, thinking it will be a straightforward job.

But that was before Nicole finds herself in the crosshairs of a Mexican drug cartel and a mysterious figure–perhaps more urban legend than real.

She is soon in the worst situation she’s faced with Cleanup Crew, and only the perfect alignment of the stars in the sky–and her family on the Earth–can save her now.

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The Terror of Tijuana (Clean Up Crew #3)

The SpyCo Novellas – With Craig A. Hart

(Note: The links below include two volumes written by Craig A. Hart alone, indicated by his name next to the title, and are included to allow the reader full access to the series. No claim of authorship is implied. Co-written books have no author’s name by the title.)

Assignment: Athens – SpyCo #1 – By Craig A. Hart


When a SpyCo agent is killed on a deserted road during the wee hours, things begin falling apart for SpyCo chief J. Carlton Moore. A briefcase containing classified information disappears, leaving the future of the United States’ war on terror in doubt. With the terrorist group Scorpion suspected of possessing the missing briefcase and vital information somehow leaking from the most secure SpyCo meetings, Moore calls on covert operative James Burke. Thrown together into an unlikely team composed of a former flame and a Grecian body-builder, and seeing shadowy pursuers at every turn, Burke must decide whom he can trust and recover the briefcase before it’s too late.

Book One in the new SpyCo Novella Series, Assignment: Athens is a fun romp in the Mediterranean. Infused with wry humor, Assignment: Athens is an enjoyable beginning to the SpyCo novella series.

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Assignment: Paris – SpyCo #2


One man broken-hearted by his wife’s brutal slaying…one nuclear device primed to destroy the city of Paris…one chance to save over two million lives. Can Perry Hall set aside his grief long enough to prevent the unthinkable?

After his wife was slain by a sadistic assassin, SpyCo agent Perry Hall stopped caring whether he lived or died. Nothing mattered, save binge drinking and caring for his bulldog, Fleming. His disdain for life-threatening operations makes him an asset to Director J. Carlton Moore, who sends Perry into the most dangerous situations to ever face the covert organization. So when the City of Lights faces extinction at the hands of the world’s most feared terrorist group, Perry emerges as the only hope for over two million innocent civilians.

Book Two in the SpyCo Novella Series, Assignment: Paris will thrill, chill, and entertain!

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Assignment: Paris (A SpyCo Novella Book 2)

Assignment Istanbul – SpyCo #3


SpyCo operative Perry Hall has one more chance to serve justice on his wife’s killer, a man he has sought for years. But now the pursuit lands Perry in the crosshairs of his own agency, as he defies a direct order to continue the chase. As SpyCo’s top agents converge on Istanbul with orders to take him out, Perry races through the city streets, searching for the deadliest killer he’s ever faced. From the dark underground of an ancient cistern to the lonely sound of the ezan, Istanbul comes alive in this thrilling adventure of high stakes espionage, the third book in the SpyCo Novella Series.

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Assignment: Istanbul (A SpyCo Novella Book 3)

Assignment: Sydney – SpyCo #4


A tiny device causes big trouble in Assignment: Sydney, the fourth installment in the SpyCo Novella Series.

When an Australian scientist develops technology capable of revolutionizing nuclear missile warfare, North Korea’s rogue government will stop at nothing to get their hands on it. Straight from a harrowing mission in Istanbul, top SpyCo agent James Burke is dispatched to head off disaster. Little does he know he will face one of the most difficult decisions of his career.

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Assignment: Sydney (A SpyCo Novella Book 4)

Assignment: Alaska – SpyCo #5 by Craig A. Hart


With billions of dollars of mineral rights at stake, a Russian agent is dispatched to assassinate the Governor of Alaska. SpyCo chief J. Carlton Moore pulls James Burke and Lyndsey Moore from their long-deserved vacation in Hawaii and sends them into the frozen wilds of Alaska to intercept the enemy operative. A thrilling read that moves at breakneck speed, Assignment: Alaska will keep you guessing until the very end.

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Assignment: Dublin – SpyCo #6

Dubs cover

It was supposed to be a simple training mission. But it didn’t turn out that way.

When Agents Archer and Fox undertake the field training for SpyCo’s newest recruit, they could never have imagined how wrong things could go. A familiar foe has come into view, bringing along a new and dangerous threat. With Burke and Perry temporarily out of action, reinforcements are not an option, leaving the training team on their own against ever-mounting odds.

The action runs fast and fierce in this blazing new addition to the SpyCo thriller series. New dangers, higher stakes, more evil villains…and somebody won’t make it out alive.
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Assignment: Dublin (SpyCo #6)

Assignment: London Spyco #7

The long-awaited follow-up to Assignment: Dublin, this new installment in the series, Assignment: London, brings the story full circle. 

As James Burke struggles to come to grips with the apparent death of Agent Lyndsey Archer, enemies both old and new are aligning against the agency.

You can’t trust anyone.

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Assignment: London (SpyCo #7)

Assignment: Adventure – SpyCo #1-3 Collection


The SpyCo Novella Series features a modern revival of the pulp spy thrillers. Packed full of narrow escapes, cunning agents, beautiful foils, and larger-than-life bad guys, these stories of international espionage will give you a ride you won’t soon forget. Now you can get the first three adventures in one convenient, spell-binding volume!

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Assignment: Adventure (SpyCo Collection #1-3)

Assignment: Danger

The second collection of SpyCo adventures, Assignment: Danger, brings more thrilling espionage escapades across the globe with books 4-6: Sydney, Alaska, and Dublin. These three books develop the characters and deepen the plots.

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Assignment: Danger – SpyCo #4-6 Collection