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Some folks have been having a bit a trouble with posting their reviews of Jelly Jars, and some posted reviews have vanished, (read about it here), so I’ve put together this little page to assist with that. Leave as many reviews as you like! Click the button below.

Hello! I am very glad you’ve found your way! Here you can read some samples of my work in the Book Excerpts section, and find links to Purchase Books on various retailer’s sites. You can sign up for my Newsletter, and of course read my Blog.


I have written a Fantasy series, a Thriller series, and have co-written several Espionage novellas with award-winning author Craig A. Hart.


My writing technique can best be described as building a scaffold in the first draft and then elevating the quality of the writing to the best of my ability.

Looking Ahead

With the release of my next novel, the literary love story, Jelly Jars, I’ve moved from series writing to stand alone books, giving me the freedom to explore new themes.

What the hell, Robert? What the hell.

Ernest hemingway

Come back often to learn the latest news, and thanks again for stopping by.

Showin’ Off

This recent development has certainly been a career highlight. Here’s to more to come!

My First No. 1

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You can find out about S.J. Varengo by visiting the About The Author page, but I can save you some time. He’s nuts.

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