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Hi! I’m your host, I suppose, since it’s my website and that’s my name. Let me take a moment to welcome you and offer an overview of what you can find on its many and (not all that) diverse pages.

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Before we talk about anything else I welcome you to subscribe to my newsletter. In the past, it’s been kind of sporadic, so one of the goals of 2023 is to mail once per month. It will also be expanded and better organized and it may have a picture of a pony. (Ed. note: No pony, but a free book.)

Oh yeah, the book! The free e-book is the first in the Cleanup Crew series, entitled The Beauty of Bucharest. I like it, but then I wrote it. So I should have to take a look at this graphic:

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A promotion some time back rocketed this book to #1 on Amazon, making it my first to reach that mark. This was on the free list, so we still await the first #1 on the paid list. I feel it coming. I feel it in my bones. Or… could that be arthritis?

The Blog

There was some talk of a blog. It’s supposed to be pretty decent. So why have I arrived at this homepage? Is this some kind of stinking trick?

Of course it is! We authors are, at heart, frustrated Vegas stage magicians! We want as many tricks included as possible, with stinking tricks being the best sort of all. But seriously, there is a blog, and the button below this text will take you there. It can also be reached from the various links that are sprinkled through social media, the latter taking you directly to the most recent post.

There’s more to the site, and if we extrapolate, more to me, so scroll down and see some of the other information that is available.

So you write books. What kind?


I have written a Fantasy series, and a Thriller series, and have co-written several books with award-winning author Craig A. Hart. So narrowing it down to “what kind” is tough. Let’s say lots of kinds.


My writing technique can best be described as building a scaffold in the first draft and then elevating the quality of the writing to the best of my ability. The thought behind this is that the technique will separate my books from many others on the market.

Looking Ahead

With the release of my novel, the literary love story, Jelly Jars, I’ve moved from series writing to stand-alone books, allowing me to explore new themes. With three books in the works for 2023, there will be a great variety from which to choose.

About Lil’ Ol’ Me

You can find out about me, your old pal S.J. Varengo by visiting the About The Author page, but I can save you some time. He’s nuts. But go ahead and read the bio. Some of it has to be true, right?
(Editor’s Note: We make no assurances that he ever tells the truth.)

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There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit at a typewriter and bleed.

Ernest Hemingway