Assignment: Istanbul – Official Release

November 15 marked the official release of the third SpyCo thriller, Assignment: Istanbul, by Craig A. Hart and yours truly. This one tells the story of agent Perry Hall and his quest to track down his wife’s killer. The trail has led him to Istanbul, where intel has told him that Flick, who killed Perry’s wife, as well as a fellow agent in Paris, and very nearly Perry himself, has landed after a failed plot to destroy Paris.

00istanbulEarly reviews have been positive, and the introductory price of $0.99 is in effect until the nefarious Mr. Hart sees fit to jack it up to a cool million or so.

Here are some excerpts from the reviews:

“This particular series is fast-paced with great characters. Quite reminiscent of Fleming’s original “Bond books”. Great tongue-in-cheek prose with the requisite beautiful femme fatale all add to a fun read. No spoilers here. Read it for yourself to find out whether or not Perry gets revenge on his wife’s killer. I received an ARC from the author for my honest opinion which is you should really read all the assignments for yourself.”
“Bullets are flying but who is the target? Revenge for the murder of a beloved wife dominates the Spyco agents with assassinations in the forefront. Action sizzles and you can’t tell who if anyone or even Spyco will survive. If you like rapidly moving plots with a new twist around every corner you will love Assignment Istanbul.”
“Another brilliant book from Craig and Scott. Love the Assignments they’re full of action suspense there’s twists and turns galore everything that makes a good book great.”
Can all these people be wrong? I doubt it, though it’s possible.
At any rate, you should grab your copy today, by clicking right here!

Other News

00adventureAs if that weren’t exciting enough, a print edition of the first three SpyCo books is forthcoming. I don’t know about you, but as much as I love ebooks, there’s just something about holding a book in your hand, ya know?
Be sure to check back to find out the release date so that you can grab your copy before your snobby neighbor who gets hers and walks around the neighborhood reading it in public so that everyone knows that she has awesome taste. If you don’t have yours already you’ll look like a poser.

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