It’s Spring, Right?

I mean, it’s been Spring for, what? A month? For cryin’ out loud, as my mom always used to say! Do you realize what this means?

It means we’re getting closer to Summer! Why is that a big deal, you ask?

I shall tell you.

I live in a part of the country where warm weather is at a premium. We joke, at least those of us who aren’t actually crying about it, that Winter in Central New York lasts until July or so, and by the end of August it’s rolling around again. Ha ha ha!

It’s not really funny.

So, yes. Warm weather is coveted in my neck of the woods, as Al Roker (who once lived here) always used to say. (Actually, he still does, but I was maintaining the theme from paragraph one.)

But there’s another reason. (Cue the mysterious music).

It will be during the dog days of summer, as someone, I’m confident, always used to say, that Many Hidden Rooms, the second book in my fantasy series, The Tale of Cerah of Quadar, will be released.

I know there are… there are… what’s the term for when there’s practically no one? There are ONES of you out there who are waiting to see what happens next to Cerah, Slurr and their family and friends. Well as each day of Spring passes, we’re getting closer to learning their fate. Stay tuned, as every TV announcer in history always used to say, for updates as the release date draws nearer. I’ll be announcing the official release date as well as revealing the cover in the weeks to come.

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An Actual Image of My Actual Computer as I’m Actually Writing!

The third book in the series, which is as yet untitled, is progressing nicely. There have been a few late night writing sessions since we returned from North Carolina which have been quite productive, and I’m currently working on chapter seven. I’ll keep you posted on this as well.


Suffice it to say there will be new challenges to face, and new characters, (as well as all of your old favorites), facing them.

I can’t give you too much detail about Book 3 at this time, (said in Jon Lovitz’s pathological liar voice – you know, the “Yeah, that’s the ticket!” guy), without spoiling key events in Book 2, and we wouldn’t want that, now would we, (said in Mick Jagger’s voice as he’s discovered that he’s broken a button on his trousers on the live album “Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out.” Do the research. You’ll thank me). And don’t try to enlarge the picture to read what’s on the screen, because I’ve included code which will format your hard drive if you do! (Not really, but it’s a pretty crappy picture anyway and I doubt you could make out a word of it!)

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