There are many kinds of quiet. They speak of the quiet of the grave, but I'm of the opinion that it could be noisy as hell in there, it's just the closest ears are on a dead guy. But it's probably not too noisy. A quiet night where I live is relatively quiet. Relative to … Continue reading Quiet

Listen Up!

Hey everyone! Quick post about a new promo. (Okay not completely new - it's half-over). Audio books this time, all free, (mostly samples, as with my entry which is the first chapter of Jelly Jars.) Lend an ear!

A Quick Note…

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on this excellent promotion. There are 57 authors participating. Click here or on the graphic to find your next steamy read! The forecast is for cold days and frigid nights. KEEP WARM! [This PSA was made possible by sjvarengo.com and some corporate sponsor whose check didn't clear.]