Listen to the wind blow…

Sometimes, when you’re an independent writer, you need to put a good deal of effort into promoting your work. You try to set up interviews, you do blog posts, mailing list promotions, all sorts of stuff.

And then sometimes without really any effort things seem to fall into place.

This is just a screenshot, alas, but you watch the show on the Sister’s Spotlight page. If you’re not a member yet, just tell them I sent you. They love me! [Cut to the scene in Animal House where Boon says the same thing about Otis Day and the Knights. If you don’t know the scene, shame on you. I’ve got the DVD, come on over.]

I was honored to appear on the Narrator’s Cup of Joe, which you can see on my friend Daniella’s YouTube Channel. It was one of the best interviews I’ve ever been a part of, and my good friend and narrator Aven Shore was gracious enough to join us to talk about the process of recording the Cerah of Quadar series, of which Volume 1, A Dark Clock is now available on Audible.

A short time later Aven and I participated in the Sister’s Spotlight Halloween Extravaganza, which we were told came to be because we had booked a show right around the holiday, and page administrator Tammy Bulcao just figured, “Why not invite a few more friends?” You can watch it here.

Now I’m looking ahead to the end of the year in anticipation of getting a couple more audiobooks released, and a couple of new works at least in their second draft.

It’s November, in case you live under a rock with no wifi or calendars from the bank, which are free, for crying out loud.

Okay, I’m sorry. I can’t stay mad at you. What I was hoping to talk about, regarding November, was this:

I’ve been participating in NaNoWriMo as we like to call it, since 2017, though I freely admit that I’ve failed to complete the project more often than I’ve “won,” as we like to call it when we meet our goal. The goal, generally speaking, is to write a 50k word novel in the month of November.

This year I came up with a brand new project, and one which, nine days in about which I’m starting to get extremely excited. More on this as it develops, which hopefully will be very frequently. (but not obnoxiously so… a nice balance.)

Last Licks.

One last thing:

Be sure to stop by my Facebook page where I’ve introduced a new feature. I’ll be recording a video on a fairly regular basis, which will give you the headlines and perhaps read a little something here and there. Who knows what else? Poetry? Music? Drawings of dogs and cats square dancing (if that’s not a thing, see if I don’t make it one!), and many other wild and zany antics. I’m hell on wheels when it comes to antics.)

Enjoy November, whether you’re writing, or not shaving, or whatever else people do in this month.

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