They Got So Much Things To Say Right Now…

Okay. Any post that has a Bob Marley quote as it’s title is going to be at least 39% better than one that doesn’t [citation needed], so you’re clearly in for a real treat, right from the get go. And you can utilize this fact anywhere, not just in my blog, so… you’re welcome for that.

Clearly, I need to start by wishing everyone in the U.S. a Happy Thanksgiving. Like everything else this year, it will look and feel different. For example I’m currently watching a scene from Hamilton being recreated in front of Macy’s on an otherwise empty street. The parade will be very different. The celebration of the holiday as a whole will be different, as this is traditionally one of the few days of the year that far-flung families re-congeal, and for the good of those we love that can’t happen. Not yet.

But I certainly am thankful for a lot in a year that has been characterized as being pretty horrible. I’ve made a lot of great new friends this year. I did a bit of writing. And yes, I’ve endured a bit. There have been some incredibly wonderful things, there have been some incredibly horrible things, and tons of stuff that fell somewhere in between.

Of course the main thing going on right now has been the release (and all of the accompanying activity) of my newest novel, Jelly Jars. It’s available now from just about anybody that sells books, (Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, Kobo, Apple, and probably a bunch I don’t even know about because they are many and I am but one. Click the link or the cover pic and you can pick your preferred retailer.

We, (not used in the “royal we” sense, but referring to Northern Lake Publishing) have not begun actively promoting JJ, choosing to work first with our beta readers and reviewers. But that certainly does not mean it’s not there for the grabbing right now!

And, more good news, (I’m telling you, 2020 has pockets lined with silver), we’re running a giveaway contest on Goodreads through December 6, and if you were to enter you would have a chance to win one of 100 copies that we’re just handing right over. No money will be exchanged.

I’m so thankful for the experience of writing, listening to the recording and all of the editing, preparation and production involved in bringing you this book. I have written one or two now, but this one has felt special to me from early in its creation. The earliest reviews seem to indicate other people are feeling that way as well.

“Okay, Scott,” I hear you saying. “Surely this must be the last of the good news! This is 2020, after all!” Well, at the risk of forcing too much happiness on the world at one time, there is more! And it involves a free book. You’re numb right now, I know. How could all of this be happening?

Well it’s a simply thing really. If you haven’t yet signed up to join my mailing list, doing so now will net you a copy of my bestselling thriller, Book #1 of the Cleanup Crew series, The Beauty of Bucharest. What? You don’t like free things? I’m going to cyber-slap you now, but it’s one of those “bring you to your senses” ones. No pain or real violence. Just good movie drama. You can click this link, or use the top navigation menu. It’s easy, and I write really fun emails. (I also answer every reply I get, unless you sound like you’re off your meds.)

So whatever your Thanksgiving ends up looking like for you this year, (or already looked, Canadian friends), I’m hoping the rest of the holiday season is wonderful for all of you. And readers around the world I am (for my small part) reaching out as a very unofficial ambassador of the USA as we prepare to transition to an administration that will work hard to reconnect with all people everywhere.

And if you’d like to start the holiday season with a book (that would make a good holiday gift, hint-hint) give Jelly Jars a consideration!


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