Cover Reveal

At one point in this blog’s history writing about work in progress was a regular occurrence. I blathered on to whip up interest, or so I was telling myself. But I have a colleague who father was an author of some note, and who said that she learned from his example to not talk about one’s WIP excessively, and another colleague who feels that talking about the book you’re working on can potentially drain off some of the creative mojo.

So instead, because I am the sort of rascal who does this sort of thing, I’ll talk about a book I wrote a while back, but is getting very close to having an official release date. I’ll post it when it’s decided, but in the meantime allow me to share this with you.

This book represents a departure from anything I’ve published to this point, and I’m very excited about it. I’m hoping it appeals to a wide range of readers.

So I’ll be happy to keep you updated on the books progress, and I’ll answer any questions you might have about Jelly Jars, but don’t ask me about what I’m working on now, because you’re gettin’ nothing!

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