Welcome to Disorientation

College Orientation as I remember it.

I have vivid memories of college orientation. I got to experience two, as I went to Fordham University my freshman year, and then transferred to the State University College of New York at Potsdam, (or as we happily called it “SUCP,” pronounced, of course, “suck pee.”) The thing I remember most about them is they both ended in keg parties.

But these days I’ve found myself entering into a series of disorientation sessions. Walking around in the world these days is sometimes very other-worldly.

Although many people seem very eager for the nation to “re-open,” and plans are in place to begin reopening businesses, I still see so many fewer people out and about. When I walk the dog we occasionally see other people, some with their own pups. But there are not nearly as many sightings as in the past, and when we do see them, it’s our duty to avoid them for the time being, and Miles just doesn’t get the concept. Today a couple came toward us with two dogs, and Miles was so excited that he laid down so that he could pounce and surprise them. I tried to explain to him that the trick only works in tall grass. I told him that he wasn’t going to surprise anyone by just lying down. I also tried to explain why I couldn’t let him pounce in the first place. As they got closer I walked him off the path. They thought the lying down thing was cute.

The guy I saw
did not strike this pose

Most of the time it’s just him and me though, and that is strange. It’s strange but not altogether unpleasant. We tend to see more when it’s just him and I. For example I saw a woodpecker today. Hearing one, yeah that happens from time to time, but I’d never really gotten a good look at one before. It was bigger than I expected, and it had a red head just like Woody, except considerably less anthropomorphic. It was cool and it made me think of a good friend, which made it even cooler.

I’ve also seen evidence of large areas of bush that had been flattened down, and I’m guessing it was resting deer that caused it.

These things are very wonderful, and I recognize that under “normal” circumstances I would not have the opportunity to experience them. But the reason I’m seeing these things… well, that’s disorienting.

Seeing less people is not the only odd thing. I’m also very disoriented by the behavior of many of the people I am seeing.

The world is weird now. But I’ll have the last laugh, because I’ve been weird for a very long time. And maybe that’s my problem.

Shoulda listened to Satchel

Maybe the rest of the world is just catching up with me. I did not see that coming.


So what is there to do in times of bizzaritude? I really don’t think there is any other viable course of action but to keep being excellent. I’m not talking about myself. Well, I am talking about myself, but I’m talking about everyone else also. You. I’m talking about you.

I may have not met you yet, but I think you’re pretty terrific. I know that you’re brimming with excellence, and I expect that you know it as well.

I don’t like to speak disparagingly of any group, but screw the viruses. I’m sure I’ll be hearing from their lawyer in no time at all, but screw him as well. Unless of course it is one of the fine, capable woman attorneys who are leading the way in American jurisprudence. In which case, screw her.

I think things will be different in many ways going forward. I think it will be disorienting for some time to come.

But I’m committing myself to excellence.

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