A Quick Post about Great Books

Hey readers and friends! (I originally typed that as “readers and friend,” which is probably far more accurate. But this isn’t going to be a long post about my crushing loneliness! We can get back to that and all my other personality challenges soon enough.) This is going to be a short post, at least relative to my normal rambling communiqués and manifestos.

I have a couple of things to share about some writer friends who are doing exciting stuff.

Debbie Boek – Devil’s Veil

I’ve known Debbie for a long time. In fact we went to high school together which probably ups the ante to “a very long time.”

Either way, she’s released her latest, and listen to this:

Evil has pierced the veil between the living and the dead once again in this next installment of the Devereaux Chronicles.

Shelly Draper and her friends have no inkling of the danger that they are exposing themselves to when they foolishly hold a séance in the hall of mirrors of an abandoned amusement park, but they find out soon enough when those spirits follow them home. 

Scott and Tim Devereaux will have to identify the type of entities that came through before they can send them back to hell and they begin their investigation by looking into the grisly deaths that closed down the park decades before.

However, someone wants to keep those secrets buried and is willing to do whatever they have to in order to prevent the Devereaux brothers from exposing the truth

Other dangers are lurking even closer to home when a long-forgotten acquaintance returns and is looking for revenge. Scott and Tim’s new nemesis has only one objective, which is to make their lives a hell on earth and finds the best way to accomplish that is by terrorizing Scott’s new wife, Emma.

Torn between the mindless evil that has crossed over into their world and the vile intentions of their fellow human beings, will Scott and Tim manage to be in the right place at the right time in order to protect their family and friends? 

Or will someone have to be sacrificed so that the others can be saved?

You can order Debbie’s book and see her other work here.

David F. Berens

What can you say about David Berens? The guy has a tremendous franchise, has written a ton of really great, really fun books and now…?

As a way to do what he can during the pandemic, David is selling some of his biggest selling books for mere pennies. He talked about it in his recent newsletter, which is one of the few author’s emails that is definitely worth subscribing to. (If you’s like to receive it yourself you can sign up here.) Here’s what he had to say:

Howdy BeachBums,

This is a gonna be a quick, no frills email because I’m hard at work writing the next Troy Bodean novel (#8 if you’re counting Conch Wave as #7 – Amazon’s rules.) I’ll be sending a more detailed email with some fun new pictures around the 14th of April – so keep your eyes open for that. 

I wanted to try and do something seriously special for the whole being stuck at home thing we’re all dealing with. I spoke with Steven Moore and we decided we would make the price of all of the current Ryan Bodean Tropical Thrillers just .99 cents for the whole week! 

Unfortunately, this is just USA and UK (again, Amazon’s rules) but I promise if you’re international, I’ll have something super cool for you soon, too.

This is NOT a ploy to make me money, because, to be perfectly honest, I make just mere pennies on a .99 cent book. I just thought it would be nice leading up to our launch of EL DORADO GOLD and with you probably stuck in the house (like me,) you might need some reading material.

Here are all the links:

Ryan Bodean Books




Okay! That’s it for this one. See? I told you it would be quick! Enjoy your next reads and stay safe.

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