The Obligatory…

I don’t know for sure when I started doing it. It was before I left for college, I think. Maybe 1977? Somewhere around there I started the annoying habit of taking time to reflect upon the past year and speculate about the next. Ugh.

I mean, Oh. My. God. I hate people who summarize their year! Almost as much as I despise those speculators.

So let’s talk about the past year.

I released the Terror of Tijuana, Craig Hart and I released the SpyCo novella Assignment: London and that’s pretty much it as far as I can prove.

But don’t worry. There’s big things coming for 2020. So let’s talk about next year. I’m speculating that it will be a productive year in terms of writing, and with the podcast. There might be a couple of other surprises on the horizon as well.

Were this the future, and were I Fry, this would be me.

So, there you have it. A one-sentence retrospective and vague statements about the future. If I was charged for reading this I’d ask for my money back.

But I think you’ll forgive me for not blabbing on too much about upcoming projects. There’s a bit of fun it in for me to be able to drop a surprise on you from time to time, and I think that if you’re anything like me, little surprises are the thing that makes life slightly less like bathing in lava.

So you’re welcome. And let’s have a great 2020.

…in broad strokes.

Oh, and if you’re in Syracuse and see my daughter Mariah or are in Brooklyn and see my nephew Kolton, wish them a happy birthday!

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