The Scoop

Did you ever get the scoop? Were you ever the first to know what everyone else would soon be talking about?

Well, if not and if this is something that appeals to you – being in the vanguard, being the first to know… I’m sorry. You aren’t in this case.

Yeah, this is kind of a “Huh?” moment, isn’t it. Well here’s the thing. The first people to hear about anything new from me are the NEWsletter subscribers. See? There’s “NEW” right in the name.

If you’re not among the nearly 500 newsletter subscribers you’re always going to get the info a little later. But this is easy to fix. Just click the button at the top of the page which says “Email Signup,” fill out a quick form and you’re in!! The only thing easier than that is quantum mechanics. I kid, I kid. The form is much easier.

But now… the news!

You’re still ahead of the game here. Because the news is that The Terror of Tijuana, book #3 in the Cleanup Crew series, is available NOW, ahead of the official release date of August 2.

See? There’s a banner and everything. It must be true if there’s a banner!

Are you sitting on your next great read?

So if you want to beat the long line at Amazon which will surely form upon Tijuana’s official release, GRAB YOURS NOW!!! It will set you back exactly two paper Georges and ninety-nine copper Abes. Heck, you’ve probably got that laying under your couch cushions!

Now, I get it. Not everybody wants to be on the leading edge of the storm front. That’s fine too. You folks can wait until the 2nd. The rest of us won’t point and laugh.

[Everybody point and laugh!]

So to review:

  • Click the link in the top-page navigation and join the mailing list.
  • Click on the link next to happy couch guy to order the book
  • Did I also mention you’re invited to join my Facebook Readers’ Group? You can either click the link, go to Facebook and search, or remember the group number (no fair writing it down) which is 2087181784873970

One last note for those of you who do subscribe to the newsletter, at least one reader has let me know that the emails from me are hitting the spam folder, so make sure to tell your email app that I’m one of the good guys!

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