A Cover! A Release Date! An Engine?

July tends to be a productive month for me. Maybe it’s the warm weather, the sunshine turning the old bod into a vitamin D factory. I don’t know. But I do know this:

The Terror of Tijuana will be released on August 2

That’s right! Northern Lake Publishing will again take a chance on your’s truly. My editor is in her final stages of converting what I pass off as writing into something that actually makes sense. The half-dozen or so of you who’ve been waiting for the third Cleanup Crew thriller have very little time left to endure.

German engineer Felix Wankel has long stolen Craig Hart’s claim to the Wankel Rotary Engine

But wait! There’s more! Another killer cover, designed by Craig A. Hart, author, publisher, internet talk-show host and the real inventor of the Wankel Rotary Engine. (Sorry Felix Wankel – it’s time the truth was told. Just because you patented it over a half-century prior to Hart’s birth, don’t think that alters the truth. AND the fact that you claimed to name it after yourself when the truth is Craig just wanted to call it something funny and therefore ALSO named it the Wankel engine… well, Felix, it’s just starting to make you look a wee bit pathetic.)

Have I gotten off track? Seems there was something else I was supposed to be talking about. OH YES! The cover.

Check it out:

Is Nicole in a basement? What’s that all about?

Okay, so I may be partial. But I think that’s a sweet cover. Doesn’t it make you want to take your car to the shop and have a Wankel Rotary Engine installed? You bet it does.

For those of you hungry for details in advance of the book’s release, here are a few tidbits:

  • The main action in the book takes place in and around Tijuana, Mexico
  • In CUC#3 we meet Nicole and Dan’s other child, Tony Porter and for those of you who fell in love with their daughter J.J. in The Count of Carolina, rejoice! She’s back.
  • Taco Bell, the author’s favorite fast food dispensary in the entire world, is given a warm nod.
  • Wait, there’s someone named “Cark” involved? (You bet there is, and he may be bringing a very bad man from the past into the Porter’s lives once again.)

One final note. You may notice there’s to be an author interview included in the book. Northern Lake hasn’t actually revealed that the interview will be with the author of this book, but I get the sense that’s the direction they’re leaning. If so, it could be fun, because I never know what I’ll say next.

Alright! That’s the post for now. Bask in the glory of Craig’s cover, mark your calendars for August 2, 2019, and for goodness sake, join the movement to put a Wankel in every car!

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