Desperately Pursuing Integrity

I have been dropping hints.

An email newsletter here, a post on my Facebook readers’ group

Let me pause here to mention that if you haven’t, you can sign up for either or both.

At any rate, I’ve been leaving these little bread crumbs to indicate that I was going to start being a little more active in my online presence. I even developed a super-unofficial, top-secret schedule for how frequently I’d be doing this sort of nonsense. One of the items on the list [which I’ll deny exists if pushed] is at least one blog post per month. The month of March, here on the Eastern Coast of the United States of America, has one hour and seven minutes remaining [as of the typing of this word: WORD].

And since my last post was in February, it seems that should I wish to avoid breaking this totally unofficial blood-covenant, I need to get something written.

I don’t want to be hasty, but I think this may be me doing that.

At any rate, here’s what’s happening currently:

Terror of Tijuana

Book #3 of the Cleanup Crew series is grinding toward its finale. My original hope was that I’d finish it in March, but alas. Still should happen soon, but it’s going to make April a little trickier. Ahh, not to worry. Tricky is fun.

The Games and Writers Show

Craig and I are still insisting on insinuating ourselves into the lives of the billions of humans with internet access, (or at least the dozen or so who know about us.) Our little show is actually picking up some following thanks to Craig’s tireless promotion and his knack for scoring interviews with people I would feel lucky to be allowed to read about. So unless you hate fun, you should at least check out an episode. You can find us on YouTube, for crying out loud. Everyone loves YouTube, (unless you prefer iTunes… we’re on there too.) And from there? Who knows? I’m thinking first intergalactic podcast, but Craig says I’m setting my sights too low.

What Else Do You Want to Know?

Have we ever talked about my poetry? Because I’m nothing if not a raging philanthropist, you can read it for free on AllPoetry. So now you’re going to try to tell you don’t like free stuff? Fuggetaboudit.

Alright, since I started down this rabbit hole March has dwindled down to its final thirty-four minutes. Since I’m still hoping to run down integrity, I guess it would be best if I said so long until April.

Oh, and in case anyone likes to keep track of these sort of things, tomorrow my beloved Kim and I will share our thirtieth wedding anniversary. If you’d like to send us a little sumpin-sumpin I’m told the traditional gift for thirty years is four and a half million dollars.

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