It’s Release Day!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already release day for the first volume of my epic fantasy series, Cerah of Quadar, but it’s true! A Dark Clock is now available from Northern Lake Publishing and can be purchased from in either Kindle or paperback format.


Awesome cover art by Craig Hart

And, because I’m a big sweety, I’ve even provided a way for you to rocket right to the version you want. Just pick the link for either Kindle or Print, and give it a click!

A Dark Clock – Kindle Version ($2.99)
A Dark Clock – Print Version ($15.00)

Don’t wait, because you don’t want to be the only person on your block not talking about Cerah Passel, the Savior of Quadar!

And should you be on the fence, you can still read the preview (chapter one in its entirety) by clicking below.


Read the Preview (Chapter One – Complete)

Counting Down to Many Hidden Rooms

The second volume in the series, Many Hidden Rooms, is scheduled for release on May 28, (so you’re going to want to get A Dark Clock read by then!). More on that soon!

Also book two of the Clean Up Crew thriller series, The Count of Carolina, is coming along nicely. Hoping it will see the light of day later this summer.

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