Release Day!

It seems like April 10 took forever to get here, but it’s arrived at last, and that means that both the print and eBook versions of The Beauty of Bucharest are now available for purchase.

My publisher, Northern Lake Publishing, announced today that the electronic version of TBoB will be moving to Kindle Unlimited in the near future, meaning it will be available for the Kindle ONLY. But that hasn’t happened yet, and folks who read on other devices can still get their hands on it for the introductory price of $0.99 on your preferred platform by clicking below.

eBook Version – $0.99 (Note price may vary depending upon platform)
Print Version – $10.00

And don’t forget, if you read TBoB and want to post a review, feel free! The more reviews the higher the book appears in searches, so it means a lot.

Thanks again for your support. Don’t forget to tell your friends about these social media outlets:

S.J. Varengo Readers Group on Facebook
S.J. – my website
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