What’s Going On?

That is a question that has caused me anxiety in varying degrees throughout my life. A moment of particularly high anxiety occurred during high school when my mom burst into my bedroom while I was in there with my girlfriend. She asked that very question, quite loudly, and I had to assure her that we were just talking. Fortunately, the way my girlfriend was lying on my bed, mom couldn’t see that her shirt was unbuttoned, which didn’t necessarily mean we weren’t talking, I’d stress at this point.

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 10.26.50 PM

Not naming names, but if you go here and you find a 1959¬†edition of Colliers’ Encyclopedia upstairs, it’s mine.

Another time this question caused me stress was when I’d gotten evicted from my apartment in Potsdam and moved a bunch of my stuff into the warehouse area on the floor above the restaurant where I worked without asking my boss if it was cool to do so. When he found out what I’d done, he asked: “Scott, what’s going on?” then went on to tell me I had to get everything out. Fortunately, he was almost as much of a burnout as I was at that stage in my life, and he forgot about it quickly. As far as I know, my stuff is still up there.

I guess, however, when I ask the question myself it shouldn’t really make me too anxious right? I mean next Sunday will be Kim and my 29th anniversary, so I don’t expect mom’s going to worry about what we’re up to. And I don’t work at that restaurant anymore, so I don’t think I’m in danger of getting fired.

So what’s going on?


Book News

Well first off, we’re now a mere sixteen days from the release of The Beauty of Bucharest. It is in the hands of a small group of test readers now, and I’m anxiously waiting to hear some rumblings from them.

And there’s this little graphic I spotted at the Northern Lake Publishing Facebook page:


Specifically, I direct your attention to the May 1 item. It looks an awful lot like a new SpyCo thriller is in the works. There’s lots of fun to be had in London, especially in the Whitechapel District…

Website News

Also, this blog hosted for so long by the wonderful folks at WordPress has existed concurrently with my website, S.J. Varengo – Author (everything ends up getting called this. I don’t know why). Over time I was able to develop the blog into something resembling what I’d wanted to do with the website, only with a much more modern look, and a lot less aggravation.

So I’m happy to announce that the domain will be migrating here to the blog, and within the next few days I’ll be announcing the new web address for this blog!

Don’t Forget

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