This and That… plus a Release Date


Tortoise and hare

Writing a book is a slow process, but once it’s complete things go much faster.

Some things are fast. Kids growing up, although it takes a lifetime, seems to go by in the beat of a heart. Episodes of This Is Us, take up an hour’s time on my DVR, been when I watch them, they seem to be over just moments after the opening credits. That guy on the highway who was just a tiny speck in your rearview but who flew by you a few seconds later.

All examples of fast things.

Writing a book did not make the list. Neither did the 1.5-meter dash for sloths. The length of time these two take can often feel very similar, especially when you hit a patch were a few days go by with little progress and you get to thinking like a baseball player who’s in a batting slump. You start thinking about everything that could possibly be the problem and before long you’ve talked yourself into another week of little progress.

But once it’s done things speed up.

Since typing “The End” the manuscript has been to the editor, returned with tons of corrections and several good suggestions, undergone a final rewrite, and has been shipped off to the publisher, from whence it will make its way to readers on…


That’s right, T-BoB will be available in a little more than 20 days. So get ready for the thrills…


Coming Soon!

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