Another Assignment Completed!

As of about 4 pm, Eastern, Craig A. Hart and I finished our final edits on the newest episode in the SpyCo novellas, Assignment: Dublin. OK, I finished this afternoon, he finished last night. Here are some fun facts:

This took us longer than any of the previous Assignments to write, BUT in our defense, the holidays insisted on happening right in the middle of our book writing time. How rude, right?

It is word-count-wise, the longest book in the series. But you’ll still be able to enjoy the quick-read format that all of the books have provided. Tons of action, great characters and a romp across Ireland, by land, sea, and air!

It is now in the capable hands of our editor.

And, of course, the biggest news of all: It will be released on February 8 – just a little over two weeks from today.

So get ready for the biggest, best Assignment yet!

Dubs cover

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