Full-Fledged Announcement

Recently my writing partner Craig A. Hart, who magnanimously opted not to kill me after I leaked certain details about our next book, revealed the cover of said next book, essentially letting me off the hook altogether. Take a look:


dublin cover

SpyCo #6 is in progress!



Pretty jazzy, huh? Notice anything?

If you take a look at any of the previous SpyCo covers you’ll always see the outline of a man included in the design. This time it’s two women. What can this mean?

It means that the women of SpyCo are running the show this time! And let me tell you, they’ve got their hands full. What starts out as a routine training mission becomes anything but routine as Lyndsey, Adabelle, and Charlie face one of the most fiendish figures in the world of international espionage.

And while all three are featured, one question remains: will all three survive?

In the past, we’ve done all of our research digitally, but this time, to ensure authenticity I hopped a big ol’ jet airliner bound for Ireland, all on my Hart/Varengo expense account, and am collecting research first hand, which I’ll be sharing with you in upcoming blog posts. No amount of money has been spared to bring you the best reading experience possible for Assignment: Dublin, although you probably shouldn’t mention that part to Craig. In fact, definitely don’t.

I began my research with an exhaustive survey of the pubs of Dublin, and then when I regained consciousness, I found that I’d misplaced my notes and so had to visit them all again. After three such attempts, I was able to snap the following picture, taken at St. James’s Gate, Dublin:


It was, after my wife on our wedding day and the birth of my two children, the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

Stay tuned for more exciting reports!


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