Some Things I Can Tell You…

… others must remain unspoken.

What are your talking about, you lunatic? (Don’t you just love it when I read your mind and ask the question you were thinking?

I’m talking about the conversation that took place earlier today between myself and a certain author from Iowa City, namely my writing partner on the SpyCo thriller series, Craig A. Hart.

What did we talk about? (See? I did the psychic thing again). Well, some of it I can tell you about… for example his newly revamped website, which you can check out for yourself by clicking this link. For those of you who find link-clicking onerous, I’m including a screen capture of the top of his homepage, which will no doubt overcome your “clickophobia.” (For those keeping track that is word invention #3 for calendar-year 2017.)


You want to click that link now, don’t you? Here’s a secret: the picture is also a link! Oh, and for the record, yes, that is me playing the part of James Burke in the picture. Ruggedly handsome, wouldn’t you say?

AKWe also talked about the upcoming release of SpyCo #5, Assignment: Alaska. I took a break from working on this one, but I still recommend that when it drops on December 15, you grab your copy. There is even a way you can get it for free. Here’s the post from Craig’s VIP Readers Facebook page:

Guess what’s coming VERY soon? (Dec. 15!!!)

That’s right, a new Assignment is on the way. And it’s even Christmas themed! But here’s the BEST news. You can have it for FREEEEE! How? Leave a review for the first Assignment: Adventure collection and then email me a link ( to your review. Then you will be placed on a list of lucky ducks who will receive a free copy of Alaska as soon as it hits retailers!

ADVENTURE BOOK: — feeling crazy!

That is an offer that only a mentally deficient frog-groomer would pass up. [Editor’s note: If you are a mentally deficient frog-groomer, the author meant to say “fig-groper,” if you are a fig-groper, the opposite.] And it is open to anyone, even if you’re not a member for the VIP Readers Group, though once again, if you’re not I have to seriously call your overall quality of life into question. (You can find a link to the group on Craig’s website, and you can join, thereby decreasing your lameness by over 83%). (You can find a link to Craig’s website above, remember?)

ireland-flagFinally we got around to the subject of… oh wait. This is the part I can’t tell you about. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to drop you a couple of subtle hints, however, which I can neither confirm nor deny. We might have talked about SpyCo #6, which may once again feature the Hart/Varengo writing team, and may be set in a place where drinking stout is a regular occurrance. (No, it is not set in my house!) There is also a chance that the cover, if said book actually happens, may feature the colors green and orange. (Trivia: Mr. Hart always designs SpyCo covers with the flag colors of the nation (or state, in the case of AK,) in which the book is set.) And there is another big twist… which I am absolutely not revealing at this time, but will flavor the entire story… assuming said story even exists, which I categorically deny. Or confirm.


Me, in hiding. I’ll be fine.

I’ve said too much. Craig is going to kill me. I can’t even lie and tell you he never reads my blog, because he has a link to it on his website, so he might accidentally click on it from time to time.

At any rate, my life is now in danger and I’m going to have to go into hiding for a while. And while I’m in hiding I may or may not be writing exciting books for you to read. With the guy who’s trying to kill me. Maybe.



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    • Congratulation. You’re our 10,000th “You’re dead to me” commenter, joining the likes of the entire Trump administration, both my immediate and extended families, Walter Cronkite (quid pro quo), and two separate neighborhoods in the city of Racine, Wisconsin.


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