I Have No Idea Why You Wouldn’t Do This

A lot of people like action-packed spy thrillers. I know this because I know a lot of people. I also know myself, more or less, and I like action-packed spy thrillers. I think this pretty much proves everything I’ve ever said is true.

assignmentSo now you know that what I’m going to say next is also true: you need to read Assignment: Paris, by Craig A. Hart with S.J. Varengo. And, as one of the two aforementioned authors, it pleases me to tell you that now you can.

How? You just asked that question, didn’t you? Yes, with me you also get mad psychic skills. Well, the easiest way would be to click this link if you have a Kindle or this one if you have a Nook. It’s also available on iBooks, and I think Craig even copied it onto a really big rock, which you can ask to borrow. The hardest way would probably be to go door to door until you find someone who has already purchased the book, talk them into inviting you in, and looking over their shoulder as they sit comfortably in their living room, or perhaps their den, and look over their shoulder as they leisurely page through the book on their Kindle, Nook, iPhone, or really big rock.

Now, even though I’ve already proven that everything I say is to be trusted, I’ll share a couple of real live reviews that are totally not made up by me:

“Scott is a nice boy and always smiles at doggies, so you should read Assignment: Paris.”

OK. I made that one up. But not these:

Reading Craig Hart is like taking a short vacation from reality. His short stories are a delight with completely satisfying endings. Assignment Paris brings two new characters into play. Perry Hall, a SpyCo operative, and Piet, a SpyCo techno specialist. Perry is called up for a special assignment due to his very special skills. We follow him to Paris, where his wife had been murdered three years earlier.

Perry battles his emotions as he unknowingly seeks the man who killed his wife and the egomaniacal monster who will sacrifice all of Paris for his own financial gain. Can Perry stop this maniac? Can he find the man who took his wife from him? Come to Paris with us and find out. Craig Hart carries you into the intrigue and mayhem of SpyCo vs Scorpion with the skill of a true craftsman.

– Cathy A. Thibeault

A wild ride from this author. Great plot and characters. A must read. 

– mima48

An action-packed spy thriller with a great plot, and an unlikely last-minute hero. (No I won’t tell you, you will just have to enjoy the book yourself to find out.) Take a trip to Paris, and save the world at the same time without leaving the comfort of your home. 


I really enjoyed this novella, well written, fast with the right amount of humor, twist and turns you do not expect, definitely keeps you guessing, at first I thought one thing then another, so yes extremely interesting. If I had one slight fault to be fair, I was enjoying so much. I would have liked it to go on and on, however. I genuinely think Craig A Hart is one of the best out there, and would definitely recommend his books, brilliant.

-marj Venmore

And on and on it goes. People are really enjoying Assignment: Paris, and so will you. And did I mention that for a limited time you can own this highly-touted, and let’s face it: a modern masterpiece, for the mind-bendingly low low price of $0.99. For those of you who can’t read numbers, that’s zero dollar and ninety-nine pennies.

So, I repeat the assertion I made in the title of this post: I have no idea why you wouldn’t want to do this.

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