Boy, Do I Need Your Help!

Writing books? Easy!

Editing? Sucks, but Easy!

Publishing? Easy!

Getting people to take notice when it’s all been done? HARD!

MHRsmallMy second novel, Many Hidden Rooms, was released last Saturday, and, man oh man, did I tell everyone about it! I posted it on this blog, on my website, on Twitter, on Facebook. I even took the plunge and boosted me FB release post to reach beyond my friends and followers.

But all of those outlets are limited by the number of people who are reached by those posts. I have a lot of friends, but I need to get way beyond just them in order to start really selling books.

And that is where all of you come into play. If you’ve read anything I’ve written, or maybe even if you haven’t, but can relate to the woes of a struggling indie writer, would you consider lending a hand?

All I’m asking is that people share the news about MHR and my other two books, A Dark Clock and Welcome Home with YOUR friends and followers. It can be as easy as reblogging this post or clicking “Share” on a Facebook post. There’s plenty of them on my S.J. Varengo-Author FB page. If you’re not yet following that, take a moment to do so, then start sharing.



Actual image of an Indie Author.

I know not everyone is into high fantasy, and that’s cool. But I know that a lot of people do enjoy this genre, and you might even know some folks who do. (And Welcome Home is actually a collection of short fiction, for those who might still like to check  out my work but get the heeby-jeebies at the thought of reading fantasy – which sadly today most people think of as vampire stories and/or that kid from Hogwarts and won’t even give a second look, thereby missing many well written, engaging books filled with wonderful characters and amazing settings.


As a writer, I know the importance of word-of-mouth, and when my author friends publish something new, I always go as far as I can to let more people know about their work. Obviously, the same limitations that hold my progress back mean that I’m not adding thousands of names to their list of readers, but I’m adding some. And that’s all I’m asking of anyone who might read this post.

Believe me, I will appreciate, and reciprocate!

Here are some key links that will help get the news out there. Feel free to copy any and all:

S.J. Varengo – Author (This Blog)

S.J. Varengo – Author (My Website)

S.J. Varengo – Author (Facebook page)

Mailing List Signup Page

Amazon Author’s Page

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