My Birthday Present

PART 1: Why We Celebrate

I was born on April 21, which is only a few days away, and this year, I want to give you a present to celebrate. So the folks at Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP if you like initials, and I have cooked up a little something.

ADC newWPYou see, we have something else to celebrate, besides just me getting another ring on my trunk. Thanks to the help of a good friend from my high school days, my novel, (perhaps I’ve mentioned it to you before?) entitled A Dark Clock or ADC if you like initials, has a spanking, new cover.

They tell you to never judge a book by its cover. They also tell you to throw salt over your shoulder should you spill any. When it comes to using the first of these adages as a metaphor, you know, the book represents a person, place or thing, and the cover represents its outward appearance, well I’m all in. Salt over the shoulder? Not a fan.

But when it comes to actual books and actual covers, the rule doesn’t really work. When someone goes to Amazon or B&N or iBooks to purchase a book, the first thing that they see is the cover, and I guarantee the book is being judged by it. Sorry wise old people from wise old people days. That’s just the way it is.

My high school friend, a woman named Carol, took this picture while on an early morning walk, which she took pains to tell me was not her normal routine, so if you live   in the great state of Washington, and you’re hoping to find her to autograph your copy of ADC, don’t go out early in the morning looking for her. You’re wasting your time.

Part 2: How We Celebrate

Back to your birthday present. Starting April 18, I’ll be running a Countdown Deal on Amazon. Which means that on the 18th you can buy a Kindle edition for $.99. On the 19th the price goes up to $1.99, then $2.99 on the 20th before returning to it’s full (but still ridiculously reasonable) price of $3.99 on the 21st.

Amazingly simple, really. Just hunt the book down on Amazon, starting on the evening of Tuesday the 19th, (I think it said beginning at 8 pm Pacific Time), and get you copy for peanuts before it rising to pistachios on Wednesday, the macadamias on Thursday and some top shelf nut I’m not familiar with on the 21st.

You can click here to do so.

And remember to sing Happy Birthday to me as you begin reading!

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