Things Just Got Easier



I always match, so screw you!

I have this website. It’s got the same cute name as this blog, namely S.J. Varengo – Author. Everything I have has that name attached. It’s even embroidered on my underpants, right next to the Garanimals logo.


It’s just that it’s the logical thing to call websites and blogs that deal with my writing. Because it’s my name and what I do. Get it?

Well, being as I do everything on the cheap, when I launched the website, I did it on a free hosting service, which gave me a web address that (literally) is so bad that whenever I posted a link to any of my pages on Facebook, it would make me pass a security check. This is not a joke. It really did.

Pretty much from day one, I promised myself that when I could see my way clear, financially speaking, I would get my own domain name. The thing is the last time I did that, a long time ago when the interweb was still a baby, this was neither an inexpensive nor an easy proposition. Back then I was passing myself off as a website designer and my web address was The day after it expired, (because I missed renewing it by that much), some corporation had swooped in and purchased it, and wanted me to pay them an exorbitant amount of money for a website that earned me a grand total of $100 during the year I owned it. (Also not a joke). I passed on their offer and never had the inclination to go that route again.

Until now. Because after doing a little research I found out that I could register a dot com for less than ten bucks, and my host (000webhost – still not a joke), made it a relatively easy process. I thought it was difficult while I was setting it up, until I stopped working on it because I had to go pick up my wife, thinking I had failed and needed to come back later to figure out what I was doing wrong. When I came back later it was already working. Science, I guess.

So what I wanted to tell you was that my website can now be reached by typing this into your browser’s address window:  How easy is that? Even I can remember that!

212There are potential pitfalls, however. Even though my last name is spelled exactly like it sounds (as are all Italian names purty much), I have, over the years, seen it misspelled with so many varieties and with such aplomb that I should probably register all the possible variations. Including this one, from when Tyler Perry’s Madea apparently contacted my wife about the magazine to which she subscribed going belly up.. Proof? Check it out.

Ultimately, I will take my chances with the single domain name. Because as happy as I am about this, let’s face it: you, the reader, are the winner here.

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