A Dark Clock is Now Available For NOOK

Some people like the Yankees (right-thinking, good people who don’t kick dogs), some people like the Red Sox (people who don’t fit the previous description). Some people like ToyoDark Clock030917ta, some like Nissan. Some folks like Lester Holt, some prefer Scott Pelly. Some people are asking “What’s your point?”

My point is that everybody has preferences. And in the world of digital books, some people like Amazon’s Kindle, and others prefer the Nook, by Barnes & Nobel. As far as I can see, both are pretty nifty, and the books look pretty much the same on either device. But the files for each are totally incompatible with the other, and therein lies the rub.

Until recently the only device on which you could read A Dark Clock was the Kindle, and tens of Nook users were left out in the cold, with big, sad puppy eyes.

Weep No More!

On this happy day in history, A Dark Clock has been released for the Nook and is available here, for only $3.99, which is the identical price to the Kindle version, (which now wants to be known as the “older twin.”)

Another Secret

Welcome HomeYou can also purchase the paperback edition of Welcome Home at Barnes & Nobel. Shh! Don’t tell Amazon.

Mailing List

And, as always, I encourage you to join my mailing list. The folks who already have known this news, they knew it way sooner than folks who only read this blog. In fact, I think I heard one of them laugh at you. Don’t be laughed at by people you cannot see or hear. Join the List!

AND… An Appeal

I’m actively beseeching [begging] anyone who has read either Welcome Home or A Dark Clock to consider writing a review on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel or Good Reads. It will only take a few minutes, and I can’t stress how important it is for an indie author to have a good collection of reviews, (or better still, a collection of good reviews!) on the sites that sell the books. It makes them more likely to show up in searches, and it gives potential reader’s another person (besides the author’s) word to go on when selecting a book to read. And if you do, drop me an email to let me know you did, so that I can praise your effort on social media!

P.S. Red Sox fans, I was only kidding about you kicking dogs.

P.P.S. Everyone else: they totally do! I seent it with my own eyes!

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