It’s Spring! Here’s What’s Happening In My Head

So it’s been Spring since 6:29 AM yesterday, and boy has it been a big disappointment! The current temperature in Baldwinsville is 21°, and those are frosty Fahrenheit degrees we’re talking about, not balmy Celsius!

But that hasn’t stopped me from thinking lots of big thoughts. Really big thoughts. Thoughts so big that they’ve actually started to poke out of my ears.

For example:

Craig’s Impending Baldness

My friend Craig Hart is getting his head shaved in a very short amount of time, to help find a cure for childhood cancer. This is an astoundingly important cause and I support it fully. Here’s a link to a Facebook page about it, which will allow you to donate to the cause if you have a mind to.

But as important as this is, the thoughts that cross my mind are things like

  • will his twin son’s be freaked out by their dad suddenly being bald? When my daughter was very little and I shaved my beard, I remember her crying frantically and screaming “I want my real daddy
  • Will he remember to bring a hat? It’s quite a bit warmer there right now, at 42°, but 42° with hair feels different than 42° with a shiny bald head.
  • Will his friend Paul make good on his threat to draw hair on the blank canvas that will be his cranium with Sharpies?

Mary’s New Blog

My friend Jeff Goldstein teaches the Dale Carnegie course, which I took last year. Once per year he is able to offer the course at no cost to about fifteen individuals and this year’s class began three weeks ago. I am returning as one of his two coaches. The other coach is a fellow Lafayette grad named Mary, who started writing a blog today, which she calls “The Coffee Shop.” Can’t you just smell the goodness?

I read it. I liked it. I tried to follow it, but WordPress got glitchy on me and said it wasn’t going to let me follow. Of course, that sort of challenge get’s my juices flowing, and I will follow it fifty times if I have to, until the walls of the WordPress Bastille come crumbling down. You all should check it out.

The Dark Clock Giveaway

I announced that I was giving away a free digital copy of my novel A Dark Clock yesterday on my Facebook Author’s Page, to my mailing list, and as a Random Thoughts post right here. I also mentioned it on my regular Facebook feed and a few times on Twitter.

When I checked the Instafreebie dashboard about an hour ago I saw that three copies had been claimed.

It’s cool. Only the first 24 hours or so, but I will admit the phrase “Can’t even give it away,” did pop through my head.

Paying my dues. I get it, I really do.

So those are a few of the swirling voices within my skull. I’ve got to take off and pick my wife up in a few minutes, so I can’t share anymore right now.

Till we meet again!

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