Pushing Through

I never expected to sell a million copies of my book in the first few months of publication.

I really hoped that Cerah’s story would click with people, and that they would come to love her as much I have, and I was pretty sure that it was a good book. The people who read it in preview were universally positive about it, and the age range of my preview group ran from 16 to 77, so I felt like it would appeal to a lot of different people.

I know that fantasy is not everyone’s cup of tea, and some people balk at reading long books, (A Dark Clock is in the 530-page range), so, again, I didn’t expect to be #1 on the Amazon Top 100 list.

But I had hoped for a little more of a response than I’ve had.

This is where I have to put my big-boy boots on. There is always another way to promote, there is always someone out there who’s well-timed word will open new doors.

I still believe in my work, and I still believe other’s will enjoy it if they give it a look.

So I’ll keep on pushing, and Cerah’s following will continue to grow.

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