Why A Blog?

Here’s a legitimate question: Why do you have a WordPress blog when you already have a website dedicated to your writing?

Here’s another one: What was up with Captain Kangaroo’s hair?

Well, I can answer the first.

This blog has to do with the fact that an author who is also his own marketing executive needs to get the word out in many diverse ways. That’s why I designed the S.J. Varengo – Author website, and why I also put together an Amazon Author Central Page. This blog is vitally connected with the latter..

One of the functions┬áthe Amazon page offers is a link to your blog, in that it actually shows your posts on the author page. Because my personal site doesn’t have a feed function, I can’t do the same with that.

So the website allows me a little more space to move around, but this blog allows me to combine two information outlets into one.

It’s all going to work seamlessly, he said whilst biting his nails in anticipation that it might not.

I’ve written several blog-type entries on the website, and I expect I’ll write more. I’m just that sort of guy. What’s going to happen, (and this is where the magic seamlessness comes into play), is that I’ll copy the posts here as well, and then they will (also magically) appear on the Amazon page. That’s like three bouts of shameless self-promotion for the price of two. (And since as marketing executive for this pud I have a budget of exactly zero dollars, that kind of thriftiness is what is going to drive me to the top…of my own business, which I’m already the boss of so…)

So bear with me today as I bulk post all the past entries, then get ready to enjoy so much more in what can only be described as a life-enriching experience!

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