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Sometimes I think about stuff. Profound, huh? But the fact is that from time to time I want to write down what's going on in my head, whether it's my feeling about something that's going on in the world at large, or in my little corner of it. If that interests you, stop by this page and see what's bubbling inside my skull.

Rather than make this page ridiculously long, the separate entries are indexed here, newest to oldest.

Dublin Dispatch #4 - A New Year In Dublin

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Finding Your Voice

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Boy, Do I Need Your Help!

Many Hidden Rooms Is Released!

Out of the Blue

And They're In The Stretch!

Owning Music: The Audio Equivalent of the Steam Locomotive

Editing Nightmares

So, Scott, Whatcha Been Doin'?

It's Spring, Right? 04-25-2017

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My Birthday Present 04-16-2017

Living and Dying (By Reviews) 04-13-2017

The Fine Art of Walking Away 04-10-2017

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Things Just Got Easier 04-03-2017

Why I Quit Writing  04-01-2017

Here's A Nutty Thing 03-29-2017

Spring Musings 03-22-2017

Free Stuff 03-21-2017

Pushing Through 03-12-2017

Me vs. Others of My Ilk 03-06-2017

Friends Pt. 2 03-01-2017

I Am An Empath 02-27-2017

Rethinking The Kindle Embargo 02-27-2017b

Why No Kindle Edition? 02-25-2017

Friends Pt. 1 02-23-2017

Check's In The Mail 02-21-2017


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