S.J. Varengo


27 February 2017 (b)

Rethinking the Kindle Embargo

I decided to run a promotion on Amazon, offering Welcome Home in the Kindle version, for free on February 27 and 28. When I went to Amazon to make sure everything was looking good and that the price (nuttin'!) was correctly being displayed, I saw that everything looked right and I realized that all of the Kindle copies I have were proofs, and they were all so poorly formatted that I'd decided to hold off on releasing A Dark Clock in Kindle format.

But since I could finally afford to download my own book, I did and when I opened it I saw that the formatting was near perfect.

So after seeing that I decided to release the Kindle version of the novel. It's available here.

Good News for Kindle Fans

Released A Dark Clock for Kindle, priced at $3.99