S.J. Varengo


21 February 2017

A little bit of ego-stroking.

I got an email today from Amazon Accounts Payable. It was informing me that they were getting ready to deposit my first ever royalty payment.

It was not a large amount, but as I read the email, it could have just as easily said it was a million dollars, because for the first time in my entire life, I was about to be paid for writing.

This is significant to me, because obviously when one identifies himself as a writer, it is his goal to make money doing it. (Duh!) It is my goal, make no mistake about it.

But the absolute truth is the reason I write is that I have to. It is as much a part of my natural being as it breathing or sleeping or eating. If I do not breathe, I will die. The same is true, at least on some spiritual/metaphysical level, about writing. When I do not write, part of me atrophies. Part of me dies.

So if I never earned a penny as a writer, I would still write. But now, I have earned a penny. Well, ok, a little more than a penny, but on the grand scale, it's still far closer to a penny than it is to a million dollars.

And do not for one moment believe that I feel as though I have arrived, as they say. I'm at the starting line. I have a ton o' dues yet to pay. No illusions. Writing is easy. Being a Writer is hard work.

Still, I got PAID! And that's pretty damn cool.

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