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Other, Less Important People

After much humble consideration, I've decided to re-title this section:

Other, SLIGHTLY Less Important People

  • Craig A. Hart
    This guy's the real deal. Craig is the author of several books, and is currently focusing on a series of action/thrillers featuring my new favorite character, Shelby Alexander. Check him out IMMEDIATELY!
  • Jeffrey Goldstein
    Caught In The Undertow, a vastly important book, and one which help me turn a corner. Jeff was a teacher of mine in high school, and has been my friend for 40 years. Which is amazing since we're both in our 30's.
  • Erik Therme
    A new friend who has written a string of outstanding books, his latest being ROAM which is available both here and there. While you're at it check out MORTOM, and REST HAVEN.
  • M.L. Williams
    Another new friend (who has been replying to my comments on Facebook and vice-versa for quite some time.) He has published two exciting books in the science-fiction genre, Seers of Verde: The Legend Fulfilled, and Return of the Earthers, which can be found here as well as other here.
  • Sweet Potato Pie
    Did you think I was kidding?.


Here are some links to my work, the work of others who I respect, and maybe to a recipe for sweet potato pie. Who knows.