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Engrossing and Enchanting Book. Don't Miss the Opportunity to Read It.

Welcome Home is an enchanting and engrossing group of short stories that draws the reader into different worlds inhabited by diverse, captivating people. The author is a skilled and proficient writer who has the ability to subtly put the reader into the minds and the essence of his richly developed characters. The stories are overflowing with pathos and I found myself having a visceral reaction to the events as they unfolded. I was so deeply affected by several of the stories that I was compelled to read them several times to enable myself to absorb the beauty of the writing and the depth of the story. I hope that Mr. Varengo enriches us with more of his writing in the future.

Jeff Goldstein, Amazon.com

A Great Debut!

A great debut! In the book description, Welcome Home promises to "leave the reader with a...wide range of emotions." And does it ever deliver. The author demonstrates excellent ability to render characters that appeal to something deep inside a reader, causing them to become invested in the narrative and making them actually care what happens! I look forward to more offerings from this fine writer.

Craig A. Hart, Amazon.com

A Hidden Gem

This book was fantastic. The first story really touched me and was written how people actually think and not an idealized inner monologue. Highly recommend.

Cool, Amazon.com

Welcome Home is an excellent collection of short fiction

Welcome Home is an excellent collection of short fiction by author Scott Varengo. The strongest story is “The Terror,” which centers around a boxer trying for his big break at the sacrifice of everything else in his life. “The Great Gazoo” is a whimsical tale populated with a cast of colorful characters (I can’t say more without giving away spoilers), and “The Hunters” is a great tale of friendship and forgiveness. I look forward to reading more from the talented Mr. Varengo!

Erik Therme, Amazon.com

Sensational Short Stories!

I love this book! The characters in each story are brought to true life by Mr. Varengo's fluent and descriptive writing. Every one of the stories conveys a range of emotions that are powerful and heartfelt. The author's humor is sometimes sharp and sometimes subtle, but always delightful. My only complaint is that the book came to an end. I highly recommend this book, and anxiously await future volumes.

Nanette Stine, Amazon.com

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