S.J. Varengo


Many Hidden Rooms

Slurr Jacasta, General of the Army of Quadar, is lost on the icy continent known as The Frozen South, alone... save for Yarren Slipwind, wizard of Melsa, who has vowed to find the general and return him to his wife, Cerah of Quadar, the Chosen One of the creator God, Ma’uzzi.

Cerah has taken her army thousands of miles to the north, in pursuit of the demon Surok, who desires two things only: the destruction of the planet and the subjugation of its free people. After finding every living thing in the port city of Roo slaughtered by Surok and his vile forces, Cerah must rally her warriors, overcome the heartbreak of losing her husband on the ice plains, and rise above her own nagging self-doubt as she flies her golden-scaled queen dragon, Tressida, accompanied by her mentor, Parnasus Arenward, First Elder of the wizard race, and the brave wizard Kern Yarrensleeve, from one continent to the next until she finally confronts the fifty-foot tall ebony demon in the final conflict between Light and Dark.

Will Slurr be found alive, and return to his beloved wife’s side? Will the Army of the Light overcome Surok’s numerically superior force of karvats, Silestra, and their half-breed sons, born of captured human woman from all over the planet, including Cerah’s own sister, each twisted warrior seeking not only to kill their enemies, but devour them? Will Cerah learn to truly believe in herself and her God? The Free People are at a crossroad: one way leads to salvation, the other to death.

Many Hidden Rooms answers all these questions, and introduces fans of the magical world of Quadar to a host of new characters who will amuse, inspire, and infuriate.

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