S.J. Varengo


Assignment: Istanbul

One Great Thriller!

One fast paced thriller that will knock your socks off. Author does a excellent job on his books, and he draws you right into the story right from the start.

Love the lead character Perry tough and not giving up on getting his wife’s killer no matter what it costs him, but he still shows heart and kindness to a little boy.

Highly recommend this book. Can be read as a stand alone, but reading the others help to understand the series better, author brings you up to speed.


Assignment Istanbul

On the way to the airport after a mission Perry Hall receives a photo of Raul Ramon Hernandez aka Flick showing he is in Istanbul. As Flick killed Perry’s wife Trina he is determined to avenge her death so instead of heading home to New York Perry changes his flight to Istanbul.

While travelling from the airport to Istanbul Perry receives a phone call from J Carlton Moore aka The Big Cheese who tells him to get back to New York when he refuses Moore fires him. Moore then phones Burke and orders a code Grey which means he has to kill his friend not only that Burkes on off girlfriend Lyndsey Archer is Halls best friend.

So now Perry is in Istanbul he’s working alone no support from Spyco and his two best friends are on his tail. Will he find Flick and kill him before Burke and Archer kill Perry?

Another brilliant book from Craig and Scott. Love the Assignments they’re full of action suspense there’s twists and turns galore everything that makes a good book great.

-Gillian Petrie

Excitement, romance (of a sort) and a lot of fun - what more could you want?

I absolutely love this series of books, and this is the best one so far. They are a very clever mix of spy, action and thriller but all seasoned with a very generous pinch of humour. There are quite a few 'classic' characters, the James Bond style central character, who is somehow both a skillful agent and cold-blooded assassin, but also has a heart, as shown when he takes care of a young boy who's parents have been killed, he is also capable of impossibly skillful fighting. There is also the ruthless cold-hearted spy master, and then the evil genius who wants to rule the world, oh and of course the beautiful agent to provide the romantic interest.

All this could lead to a very heavy handed parody of the spy genre, but instead it provides a very exciting storyline, but told with tongue slightly, but firmly in cheek making this a fun read as well. If I do have a criticism it's that the books aren't longer so that I'd have more time to enjoy them!

-Godiva 2000

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